CT10A type spring operating mechanism, suitable for 40.5kV/36kV/33kV outdoor vacuum circuit breaker


40.5kV outdoor VCB operating mechanism.png

1. General description

1.1 CT10A type spring operating mechanism can be used for operating ZCW10-40.5, ZHW-40.5, ZF-40.5 and other types of outdoor AC HV vacuum circuit breaker, LW8-35 outdoor HV SF6 circuit breaker and other circuit breakers that with equivalent closing work. Its performance is in accordance with national standard: GB1984-2003 AC HV Circuit Breaker and ICE56 AC HV Circuit Breaker.

1.2 CT10A type operating mechanism’s closing spring has two energy charged types: by motor and by manual. Closing operation has closing electromagnet operation and manual button operation; opening operation has opening electromagnet operation, manual button operation and overcurrent tripping electromagnet operation.

1.3 Applying ambient conditions

a.The height above sea level:≤ 3000m;

b. Ambient temperature: -40℃~+40℃;

c. Relative humidity: the daily average humidity should be no more than 95%; the monthly average humidity should be no more than 90% (25℃); saturated vapor pressure: the daily average pressure should be no more than 2.2*10-3 MPa; the monthly average pressure of a month should be no more than 1.8*10-3 MPa;

d. Wind speed: ≤35m/s;

e. Pollution degree: II degree.

f. It should be installed in the place without dust, fire, chemical erosion, explosion, vapor and salt spray.

2. Technical data

2.1 Energy charged motor: using HDZ type universal single phase series motor. The main technical data is shown in Table 1:

Table 1



Rated working voltage (V)



Rated power (W)/ Rotation speed (r/min)


Normal working voltage range

85%110% of rated working voltage

Energy charged duration under rated voltage (s)


 2.2 Energy charged by manual: when using energy charged handle of 350mm length, the max. operating force is less than 520N.

2.3 Opening/closing electromagnet: adopting solenoid electromagnet. The main technical data is shown in Table 2:

Table 2

Rated working voltage (V)





Rated working current (A)

Matching LW16

C 1.8

O 1.9

C 2.4

O 2.4

C 6.7


C 3

O 3

Matching ZW39

O 1.6

O 3.4

O 7.6

O 1.5

Coil resistance at 20℃

Matching LW16

C 120

O 115

C 46

O 46

C 7.2


C 23


Matching ZW39

O 137

O 32



Normal working voltage range

Closing: 85%110% Opening 65%120% of rated working voltage

 2.4 Operating angle of mechanism output shaft: 68°71°; weight: around 52kg.

2.5 Auxiliary switch: using F9-20I/W(L) type, has 10 pairs of normal opening contacts and 10 pairs of normal closing contacts in total. It allows long time through-current of no less than 10A, has structure of quick action.

2.6 Stroke switch: using LXW18-11MB, has magnetic blowout device. The contact can be gone through with continuous current of no less than 3A.

2.7 Wiring terminal: using UK3N type, can be gone through with continuous current of no less than 10A.

3. Application samples

40.5kV VCB.png

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