Hydraulic Terminal Machine


Function Introduction

A.  Abstract

XEHN-QY5T-20T is Hydraulic terminal machine as the first choice of crimping machine in the new energy industry which can finish 1-200 square wire-rod terminal crimping, It can crimp the whole machine hydraulic pressure electronic control such as the stipulation model B, six side crimp, point crimp, stripe  crimp and so on. The model can change fast , make the speed stabilize and coordinate with various cable. The machine operate and repair easier. It is designed according to the business man who want the high yield and cheap repair where can save the cost waste during the failure period. Also the machine with the good and elegant looking appearance, make the factory more high-end and popular.

B. Introduction 

XEHN-QY5T-20T is Hydraulic terminal machine. It’s using the high-tech frequency conversion technology and the electronic accurate positioning. When it crimp it has the pressure-retaining function, so it will be more smaller than the traditional hydraulic machine and save electricity. What’s more it will be more convenient and speedy when adjusting the model.

C. Specification and Accessory

Model:        XEHN-QY5T-20T

Capacity:       30000kg

Stroke :         available to adjust 50mm

Power supply:   220v/50Hz-60Hz

Dimension:      600*280*600 mm

Weight:         75kg

Work efficiency:  about 800Pcs/H

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