JN15-12/24/40.5 Indoor HV Earthing Switch


  • Quick details

    Place of origin: China

    Model number: JN15-12 Max. Current: 50kA Max. voltage: 40.5kV

    Rated voltage:12/24/40.5kv, rated short-time withstand current:31.5/40/50kA

    Rated short-circuit duration: 4s

    Rated short-circuit making current:80/100/125kA

    Rated peak withstand current:80/100/125kA, altitude: 1000m and below

  • Summary:

    • JN15-12 in door HV earthing switch absorbs advanced new technics from domestic and abroad. It conforms to GB1985 AC HV disconnects witch and earth switch, relative standards IEC62271-102. The apparatus applies to power system of rating below 12/24/40.5kV, and AC 50/60Hz. It is suitable for various types HV switchgear for earthing protection. The holistic earthing switch consists of basis, supporting insulator, main axis, main blade, fast spring, fixed and moving contact. Additional electronic display is also available according to the user's requirement

  • Product features:

    • Advanced design and steady performance

    • Simple structures, simple mounting and adjustment

    • Quick breaking and making capability

    • Handsome appearance and delicate manufacture technics

    • Usable and scientific, available operation on both two sides(right and left)

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