The Advantages of Medium Voltage Indoor/Outdoor Embedded Pole


Some customers asked about advantages of embedded pole that compared to assembly pole, we would like to introduce that here.

Epoxy embedded poles, or called embedded vacuum interrupters, vacuum interrupters with epoxy resin, is made by casting vacuum interrupters, main circuit conduct and mounting parts with epoxy into an integral part.  

The main advantages of this technology (compared to an assembled or open pole system) are its high dielectric strength as well as better protection against environmental influences. Embed the vacuum interrupter in resin make the pole particularly sturdy and protect the interrupter from impacts, dust deposits and humidity. The design is compact, robust and modular. Another important advantage is the fast and easy assembly of the pretested and adjusted poles on the vacuum circuit breakers. 

The embedded pole/casting resin vacuum interrupter is epoxy resin envelope, silicon liquid latex, Cu-Cr contact interrupter with long creepage distance and cup-shaped contact holder adopting axial magnetic field, installed in the accordant indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breaker or other vacuum distribution devices. It is especially used in the electric power, mechanical, chemical and metallurgical departments as well as mines and other industrial departments where it is operated frequently.

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