VCB Panels Have Long Lasting Mechanical and Electrical Life


VCB panel's use has following advantages:

Every visual checking of the contact erosion

Low maintenance


Lessens downtime as well as hence loss of customer minutes

Salient Features

All the components are segregated through each other for having metal sheet. The degree of protection IP4X for the indoor application and IP54/55 for the outdoor applications, protection and metering with the numerical or static or electromagnetic meters and relays according to customer's requirement, racking in or out of the breaker from the test for service position and vice versa having cubical door blocked, mechanical I/l for preventing racking in or out for breaker while on the condition, drawing out kind PT having fuses and broad busbar compartments capable of height for the cable compartment.

Product Features

The whole series of VCB panel products is accepted for the features including:

Better flexibility

Compact design

Easily commission and erection

Higher tensile strength

Least maintenance

Quality Control

Superior conductivity

Some of parameters of conducting quality tests for VCB panel include:

Voltage test

Temperature rising test

No loading losses


All these VCB quality checks may be organized via application of intelligent testing instruments installed in the product examination laboratory.

VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breaker) Range

There are many types of VCB panels available that delivers superior performance. For preventing the fires as well as power surges, VCB are utilized in the areas where the electric crisis can occur. These VCB get application in the medium voltage system. Different kinds of VCB are given here:

Outdoor Panels

The outdoor panels come with the TVM VCB that is appropriate for the outdoor installations. Any unsafe situation that may result because of electric exigency may be prevented through these panels. This circuit range is appropriate for the medium ranged electric current. These panels are durable, sturdy, and offers consistence performance. Furthermore, these circuits are very cost effective.

Porcelain Clad VCB

Porcelain clad VCB can be placed on the base with the area adjoining a factory. Power is supplied through the cable boxes or the roof bushing or the combination of cable and roof bushing. Earthing in all the circuit breakers may be performed through the integral earthing switches, slowing close kind or through making the capacity or via draw-out of earthing the truck with the solid links for bus feeder or bar side. These circuit breakers are very cost effective as well as provides consistence performance.

VCB Trolley

The VCB Trolley is very easy in installations and also very durable. The trolleys are mainly used in the electric as well as power supply industries.

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